Monday, 28 November 2011

Thing 20: The Library Routes Project

I've added a link to my Thing 10: experiences as a librarian so far to the Library Routes project wiki, but will change it to this page. I enjoyed reading about the variety of other routes and backgrounds other people have taken to become a librarian.

I don't think I really said why I became a librarian in Thing 10. Briefly, every family at Playcentre in New Zealand helps to run the early childhood education centre and a few months after I started the librarian's eldest child was moving on to school. As a child I had organised my books so perhaps I'd always wanted to run a library and so I took it on.

I enjoyed the role, encouraging parents to read about their role in their children's education as well as encouraging everyone to read to the children (not difficult). When I moved on to look after the regional library together with a qualified librarian, I moved through other roles in my own Playcentre, including Information officer and Education officer.

I enjoyed helping other people and the roles seemed quite different from my previous career as a very technical computer programmer so I decided to try to get a job as a library assistant and was fortunate to get a school library role where my Computer Science background was viewed as helpful for maintaining the LMS and the library network. After a while I wanted to learn how to catalogue 'properly' so enrolled part time for the MLIS.

For more on my career see Thing 10: experiences as a librarian so far.

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